and you know it

image via fallintotheskys

we can blow on our thumbs and posture
but the lonely
are such delicate things
the wind from a wasp could blow them
into the sea
with stones on their feet
lost to the light
and the loving we need

a comet appears
the shins


too much

let me go home
home is when i'm alone with you.

edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros



image: christine schmidt

i'd never cause you any trouble

i never caused you any trouble

i'd never try to stop what's coming

just let me keep you covered
just let me keep you
keep you

your moon
sun airway


you weren't near enough

image: fall blanket by alex simms

the more i see
i understand
but sometimes
i still
need you

heart skipped a beat
the xx


to do

over break

-take a bath
-eat sushi
-read civilization and its discontents
-lose 5 pounds
-get a haircut


already know.

no need to come to me
when i can make it all the way to you
you made it clear
you weren't near
near enough for me

heart skipped a beat
the xx


this collision

image: joshua petker

don't rest with the less
i'm burning to impress
it's deep in the middle of me
i can be

the xx


unusually mild

image: alton kelley

drunk girls know
that love is an astronaut
it comes back
but it's never the same.

drunk girls
lcd soundsystem


endure the night

image: me

i want to lift my hands towards the sun
show me warmth
baby, won't you show me warmth again?

sun hands
local natives



get hot
get too close to the flame
wild open space
talk like an open book
sign me up
got no time to take a picture
i'll remember someday
all the chances we took

we're so close to something better left unknown

gimme sympathy



her disappearing theme
broken social scene


as one

“a true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. but to live with a soul mate forever? nah. too painful. soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. a soul mate’s purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, and make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life.”
-elizabeth gilbert

i think this is one of the truest things i've ever heard.
the people we spend forever with are complementary to us,
not the same.

i don't think soul mates are always a positive experience, either.
i think they're downright terrifying .


half awake

turn the light out
say goodnight
no thinking
for a little while

fake empire
the national

birthday advice

'just remember - us scorpios never forget. we get even.'

-anonymous birthday twin at the restaurant where i had dinner

'may those who love me, love me.
may god turn the hearts of those who don't,
and if he can't turn their hearts,
may he turn their ankles
so i will know them by their limping.'

-my grandma
(with the afterword - 'that's bad. but kind of funny too.')


seriously though

image via hotguysreadingbooks.tumblr.com

alright. that's enough.
where are you bastards hiding yourselves?


everything that keeps me together
is fallin' apart

3rd planet
modest mouse


con mis piernas y mi juventúd

por fin he encontrado
un remedio infalible
que borre del todo la culpa
no pienso quedarme a tu lado
mirando la tele y oyendo disculpas
la vida me ha dado un hambre voráz
y tu apenas me das caramelos




said it's cool
you're touchin' my hand
yeah it's cool, it's cool
where we riding to so
come on, sugar
touchin' my hand

boogie down



a perfect sonnet

my spanish professor (god bless her soul) said something in lecture yesterday that struck me as interesting. while explaining a verb tense, she said, 'and what is something if it's perfect? it's complete!'
are things viewed as perfect when they are complete? most things in life are utterly imperfect when they are completed; things never go as planned as a general rule of life as a human being on planet earth. what's more, aren't the best, most 'perfect' things in life are the ones that are never complete, ones that continue evolving and developing over time?
when things are completed, they are at a standstill. and when things are at a standstill, there's no change. granted, nothing bad will develop, but no good can grow, either. stagnation leaves no room for anything new, and i think that is the farthest thing from perfection that life has to offer.

god takes care of himself, and you of you

image: me

well, all's not well
but i'm told that it'll all be quite nice
you'll be drowned in boots like mafia
but your feet will still float like christ
and i'll be damned
they were right

styrofoam boots/it's all nice on ice, alright
modest mouse

yes, i am on a modest mouse binge. it's that time of year.


today's a good day

image: me

well, it took a lot of work
to be the ass i am
and i'm really damn sure that anyone can
equally, easily
fuck you over

dark center of the universe
modest mouse



image via fuckyeahmonique

my brain's the burger
and my heart's the coal
i'm trying to get my head clear
i push things out through my mouth
i get refilled through my ears

i'm on my way to god don't know or even care
my brain's the weak heart
and my heart's the long stairs

on this life that we call home
the years go fast and the days go so slow
the days go
so slow

heart cooks brain
modest mouse

too soon

image: the thrill is gone by scott campbell

i guess i spoke too soon

you had it pretty good
til the end

you didn't really mean that
did you
you could've said anything at all

you didn't really do that
sharon van etten



image: you kill me by james joyce

it's so nice
to see you

dirty little rabbits


you're better not to light that fire

image:alex andreev

what's the matter?
you hurt yourself?
opened your eyes
and there was someone else?

you better learn your lesson yourself
nobody ever has to find out
what's in my mind tonight




image via whatevermakesyoutick

she had wet hair
say what you will
i don't care
i couldn't resist it

wet hair


image: kent rogowski

trying to live on
is so taxing
just stacking up
all those failures and accidents
we've thrown away
on a mountain of mistakes
i've watched in the dark
and counted them all
in the moonless night
i wait for your call

put the days away
sun airway



image: quietglow photography

a feeling
always be my
gonna gonna chase you

loch raven
animal collective


dream it up into you

image: ryan riss

bring your kiss
up to my lips
and better get
the world i get

my bloody valentine


to be continued

when i was younger - like way younger - i used to write stories. they'd continue for wide-ruled page after wide-ruled page in my lisa frank notebooks, blathering about some plot with unnecessarily complex characters and dramatic twists. i loved them dearly, and worked on them whenever i could; in 'free writing' time in 3rd grade english, during math period because i didn't like math, at 10 PM in bed when i was supposed to be asleep. one thing always hindered me though - the details. i never finished any of my stories, and it was always solely because of the abundance of painful details i included because i felt they were absolutely necessary.

without fail, i would exhaust myself writing for pages about them; the exact color of the protagonist's hair, the complete description of their house layout, an excruciating year-by-year explanation of the tragic childhood that led to the present issues at hand. with a cramped hand and a steadily rising loss of attention, i'd either put them aside to finish later (something that never happened) or wrap them up awkwardly in 2 hastily penned sentences summing up the rest of the plot. i now own at least 6 notebooks filled with half-baked stories that are hilarious to re-read, but otherwise meaningless.

i've been thinking that this applies to something much bigger than writing weird stories, though. what if we're all getting caught up in the details, the small things that don't really matter, and just end up complicating our stories beyond any purpose? it's so easy to be strangled by the tiny things that seem so critical in the day-to-day grind, but it's something worth resisting.

when we're done here, our stories should be a crazy, complex, winding road of mistakes, confusion, joy, sadness, and everything else we experience. there will be details - every good story has them - but they shouldn't override the whole gist of it. there's no need for forced endings with all the important stuff crammed in at the last second, and there's no need for our stories to trail off pointlessly.

i guess what this all sums up to is that details are important, but they are details and only details - and i, for one, don't want my story to end up half-finished and meaningless because of them.


no wonder

image: land rich

the cinders,
they splinter
and light the path
and these strange steps
trace us back

yeah yeah yeahs




image via erinbarker

mcallistrum's march
the chieftans

this song will always mean being 5 years old,
safe at home with woolen tights,
a fire on a stone hearth,
and irish music on sundays.



image: me

when i feel like i'm stealing

image: by greedy hen

and an obsession with the past
is like a dead fly
and just a few things are related
to the old times
when we did believe in magic
and we did die

animal collective



image: chad moore

quitters raga
gold panda


the tracks

image: fredericks and mae

you keep your heart open
under glass

i'll be watchin' for you, too.

soiled little filly



i don't have to leave anymore -
what i have is right here.

the xx



with all the hunger
that keeps you climbing walls
it's the one thing you can count on

you won't let up




i'll play your game
it really don't suit me at all
just remember when i cut you down
it happens to the better
of the brightest minds

brightest minds
department of eagles



you said never pick sides,
never choose between two

but i just wanted you -
i just wanted you.

i think ur a contra
vampire weekend



oh, what a shameful way
to be the same

know better learn faster


are you dead?

bhang bhang,
i'm a burnout.

bhang bhang, i'm a burnout
dum dum girls


we don't need a sign

been a fool for weeks
'cause my heart stands for nothing
and your soul's too weak

better times
beach house



image: amy stell

you're gonna drive me crazy
you're gonna drive me mad

do you miss me like i miss you?
do i miss you like you miss me?

better things
passion pit


white sky

from: horchata
vampire weekend

nothing like a mindblowing concert
to make a girl feel good.

really, really good.


so deliberate

all this lust that you're keeping
and me,
i've got a crush.

orange shirt



you look like david bowie
but you've nothing new to show me
start another fire
and watch it slowly die

over and over again (lost and found)
clap your hands say yeah


my my

autumn is here
i can smell the leaves
the color of fire
i look at the trees grow

i can smell the leaves
the olivia tremor control


til i get to you

everything's easy
when you never have to choose
with the balances shifting
and you're forced to lose

folds in your hands
passion pit


never get that far

you've got concrete eyes
and i cannot see
your face

and you put my brain in overload
i can't change gear
i cannot see
the road

stupid car


brightest minds

isn't it strange, these laws of attraction?
let me be the one you rearrange
let's start a chain reaction

heart to tell
the love language


there's a party

i'll be the one who's free
you and all your friends
can watch me

solitude is bliss
tame impala