all hooked up

so be cool
and believe
in the things you haven't learned
because you've lost
and it's gone
but it will return
now it's all laid out in front of you
and that's half murdered the mystery
are you still too
shy to describe?
now the whole world is waking up
a ribbon cut for the opening
yes, finally the day
has arrived

so seek
and rejoice
fill your hands with something tangible
and fly
your love
like a flag
and destroy
the desire
for that which is impossible
and accept what you get
with a smile

bad blood
bright eyes


i believe it

sometimes have my breakfast
right off of the mirror
and sometimes i'll have it
right out of a bottle

i'm gonna rip it out
tear it out
gotta get it off
of my soul

i don't even miss you
but that's cause i'm fucked up
i'm sure when it wears off
then i will be hurting

and just cause the sun shines
when you're out at night time
and just cause
i feel bad and feel good's
a fine line

i'm gonna rip it out
tear it out
gotta get you off
of my soul

home of the brave


next life

stop sending letters
letters always get burned
it's not like
the movies
they fed us on little
white lies

i think you're crazy,

i will see you
in the next life

motion picture soundtrack

so you can remember me

i move so slow,
steady crushing hand
holy shit
there's a company
in my back

company in my back


accept what you get with a smile

so i let my hair down
for the second time now
for the final time now
i had my fun

but there's no returning
from the places we've been
just repeat our slogan -
never again

weather reports
bright eyes

not me

in a little while
i'll be gone
the moment's already passed
yeah, it's gone
and i'm not here
this isn't happening
i'm not here
i'm not here

how to disappear completely


in every eye

i don't remember
if the rest are ever good enough
and i don't remember
if the rest will ever mean as much

the boxer rebellion


i've got news for you

we were made for each other
but grew up differently

amazing baby



you feel it all around yourself
you know it's yours and no one else
you feel the thought of learning again
it's all around
you're tired of all the things you did
you'll work it out

feel it all around
washed out


snow & lights

it'll be more like a song
and less like it's math.

pull my hair
bright eyes


it's the freakin' weekend

abide by the hippo.
or whatever that's supposed to be.
have a grand weekend;
it's party time.


you talk, i'll pour

and i arrive at your feet
in peace
and i spend my time
as i please
and i can't stop light
from shining in
my goddamn breath
keeps breathin.

i love that man
devendra banhart

darling, i'm lost

and i'm wasted
you can taste it
don't look
at me
that way

i will haunt
you like
a ghost

broadripple is burning
margot & the nuclear so and so's


and so i'm reminded

so we've been selected
in this beautiful lottery
we struggled so long
but it ended so easy
it's starting to surface
all golden and god-like
this feeling we had
every day and every night
it bursts in an energy
a door, it is opening

blue angels air show
bright eyes



my fangs have been pulled
and i really wanna see you

poor places

i intend to

(the original)

(my favorite)


take us back

no wonder, no wonder
other half
strange steps
heels turn black
the cinders, they splinter
and light the path
and these strange steps
trace us back, trace us back

flow sweetly
hang heavy
you suddenly complete

yeah yeah yeahs


eye of the beholder

approx. 5 AM question from one of my best friends: what is beautiful?

granted, it was super late/early and we were already half asleep. granted, i think i replied with some semi-conscious tangent about perception and what kind of value we see in something that makes it beautiful to us. but it's really a good question. it has me stumped.

to a point, my sleeping mind had it right, i think; it's all about what we see. a perfect white egg is beautiful because it's identical to all the rest in the carton. an antique piece of furniture is beautiful because it's well-loved and has character. fire is beautiful because it's dangerous. gemma (above) is beautiful because she is one of my ideas of perfection.

i don't have anything to conclude with really, because i don't think there's an answer. but it's still pretty cool to think about.



we all decide
how to draw the line
we've all got something to hide

stairs suprise
glazes of any size
we've all got something to hide
we've all got something to hide
well wait, wait
we're gonna see what comes after

nothing to hide
yo la tengo



i'm gonna rip it up
tear it out
gotta get it off of my soul

home of the brave



i like restraint, if it doesn't go too far.
-mae west


dog days

i don't want to promise myself
or anyone else

i want to see how this goes
when i focus,
get sleep,
and just
take it easy.