hear the horses

happiness hit her
like a train on a track
coming towards her
stuck still no turning back
she hid around corners
and she hid under beds
she killed it with kisses
and from it she fled
with every bubble
she sank with her drink
and washed it away
down the kitchen sink

leave all your longing
your loving
you can't carry it with you
if you want to survive

dog days are over
florence and the machine


knee deep

i'm working on drawing
a straight line
and i'll draw
until i get one right
it's bold and dark, girl
can't you see
i done drawn a line
between you and me

backwards walk
frightened rabbit


know my cell

we sing the nightmare
of the lies that you speak

iron bars
iron heart
iron bars

dull life
yeah yeah yeahs

leave me

lips speak louder
back together
still it's a
sharp shock to your
soft side

yeah yeah yeahs



love my name
love left dry

frost or flame
skeleton me

fall asleep
spin the sky

skeleton me
love, don't cry

yeah yeah yeahs



if i told you

well i sat on the patio
while the pianos were being tuned
forget about it all
for a little while
she don't mind
she don't care

built to spill



music to me is just as awe-bringing as the world maybe once was, and i just love it a lot.
-robin pecknold of fleet foxes
sun giant linernotes


sun does shine

now i'm free
in parenthesis
i'm not sure
what i ought to do with it
it sits in the house
bright eyes and raised hand
if i ignore its advances
then the hand goes down

i feel better
frightened rabbit



plastic spoonfuls of honey.
my bed by the window.
eraser fuzzies.
my roomie's love notes.
utter terror.
inexplicable joy.
writing class.
incredibly good friends.

missing home.
finding a second home.


can't wait

been thinking to myself
and if a life's not long
what matter does it make
if there'll be favorite songs playing in my head
when we go down to the well

down to the well

( )

so much has changed,
such is life,
and it's treated me pretty well
so far.

i'm ready
for some blank space.



these walls are paper thin
and everyone hears every little sound
everyone's a voyeur
it's them watching me
watch them watch me right now
they're shaking hands
they're shaking in their shoes
oh lord, don't shake me down

laugh hard
it's a long ways to the bank
i can't be blamed for nothing anymore
it's been a long time
since you've been around
laugh hard it's a long ways to the bank

paper thin walls
modest mouse


stones at my back

and if i hadn't come down to the coast to disappear
i may have died in a landslide of the rocks
the hopes and fears

so swim until you can't see land

let's call me a baptist
call this the drowning of the past

swim until you can't see land
frightened rabbit


you shouldn't

when we meet
we can talk awhile
i can sleep
in your dreams
the night alone
i've been waiting

when you say
it's no love affair
i will know
and when we go
i'll be the only thing
who cares

tapes 'n tapes



and i can't stand up
i can't cool down
i can't get my head
off the ground

head on



i'm happy just because
i found out i am really no one.

at the bottom of everything
bright eyes


foggy morning

but they're dying anyway
to turn to ash
to feel their feelings flash and finally fade away
in one fabulous and fiery

let's pause and add our own intentions -
right here.

the latest toughs
okkervil river

tigerstigerstigers crawl out

i'm like this
and you're like this
i'm like this
and you're like this

but i'm a noisy singer singin' for my dinner
dinners are much stranger now

we tigers
animal collective


bet you can't even tell me that much

in the back room there's a lamp
that hangs over the pool table
and when the fan is on it swings
gently side to side
there's a changing constellation
of balls as we are playing
i see orion and say nothing
the only thing i can think of saying

untouchable face
ani difranco


speed leaving

i think about it sometimes
sun shines in the rusty morning
once i had a good fly
into the mountain
i will fall

bird dream of the olympus mons


call the curious sun

love is on its way
it's all that i can say
on and on it goes

running, returning


doctor this disease

i tell tales tall as cliffs
you've got a lisp
kid, those things are hard to miss

like my cripple cough
all your weekends lost by the lake
when you said i needn't be afraid
of all those devils on the wall
that make a fella small
when he's feelin' brave
they take his wine away
there were posters on the wall
i swear my mother saw
and i've been up all night
up all night

and you came well equipped
with a gun on your hip
and some poison on your lips
but when we wake up in our makeup
we'll be clean
and we won't have nowhere to be

oh, but i can't talk to you
the way i've wanted to
i've been tellin' lies
but i'll tell you the truth

darlin', i'm tired
and i should be leavin', leavin'
you know i'm tired
and i should be leavin'
leavin' tonight

as tall as cliffs
margot & the nuclear so and so's



will i get to move on soon
i think i can
i think i can
i think i

i think i can
animal collective


my name

i feel

like me
new plan
i swore
good friend

animal collective

where trees swallow houses

we danced
shoes on shoes
to the sound
of the spinning

we slept
arm in arm
so soundly
the outside sounds
of the

the ongoing horrible
maps & atlases



i loved you when i was young
but no more
so burn down
the fireman's fair.

beanbag chair
yo la tengo



and so
so much past
inside my present
inside my present
inside my present

feeling it from dark to bright
when a wrong becomes a right
when a mountain fills with light
it’s a volcano, it’s a volcano, it’s a volcano, it’s a volcano

past in present


all things grow

i fell in love again
all things go
all things go
drove to chicago
all things know
all things know
we sold our clothes to the state
i don't mind
i don't mind
i made a lot of mistakes
in my mind
in my mind

sufjan stevens

please enjoy

hell yes
now i'm movin' this way, i'm doin' this thing
hell yes
now i'm turnin' it on, i'm workin' my legs
hell yes
now i'm callin you out, i'm switchin' my plates
hell yes
now i'm cleanin' the floor, my beat is correct

hell yes


feeling out the feelings

candy left over from halloween
a unified theory of everything
love left over from lovers leaving
books, they all know they're not worth reading
it's not for the season

not for the season

keep the stars

i close my eyes
i see a staircase
leading upwards into blank space
all of creation makes a sound
too soft to hear

conor oberst



i'm all new.
free from old conflict.
free from old obstacles and broken hearts - for good.
free from some new hurt.

hello and goodbye.
i am so much more ready for all of this
than i ever could have hoped.

the best gift of all
is this to myself -



aquarium drinker

what was i thinking
when i let you back in

i am trying to break your heart


foreign worlds

i was full by your count
i was lost, but your fool

creature fear
bon iver



outer inner & secret

just when i think i'm through.


parachute dreams

and you don't judge me
that's not your style
but i won't see you for a little while
and there's no worries
who's got time
all these changes are going to fill your mind

saw the stars get smaller
tiny diamonds in my memory

i know that victory is sweet
even deep in the cheap seats

cape canaveral
conor oberst


everybody's gonna love today

my friends,
my family,
people that say 'hi' and smile -
you make me happy.
thank you.

let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls blossom.
-marcel proust


i wanna win the war

the wings are wide
the wings are wide

wild card inside
wild card inside

stranded in a fog of words
loved him like a winter bird
on my head the water pours

fly away
fly away
to what you want to make

i feel it all



a little scared

build a wall of books between us in our bed
repeat, repeat, the words that i know we both have said
relax into the need, we get so comfortable
remember when i was so strange and likeable?

i just want back in your head
i'm not unfaithful but i'll stray
when i get a little scared

run, run, run
i just want back in your head

when i jerk away from holding hands with you
i know these habits hurt important parts of you

remember when i was sweet and unexplainable?
nothing like this person, unlovable

i'm not unfaithful
but i'll stray

back in your head
by tegan and sara

carried away


something wicked



some sunny day

bells ring out
seem hard to ignore
but you
like a fool
just don't see
he preys
on the weakest part
of your heart

stars could fall right out of the sky
if not for the weakest part
bells would ring til the end of time
if not for the weakest part
someday soon it'll be alright

from the weakest part by yo la tengo


don't know where to run

i've got a sinking feeling
i don't like where this is at

from indescribable by olivia broadfield

crushed veneer

who will love you
who will fight
who will fall
far behind?

skinny love by bon iver


these days

let's dance to joy division
and celebrate the irony
everything is goin' wrong
but we're so happy
let's dance to joy division
and raise our glass to the ceiling
cause this could all go so wrong
but we're so happy

yeah, we're so happy.

from let's dance to joy division by the wombats