i'm working on erasing you
i just don't have the proper tools

i get hammered, forget that you exist
there's no way i'm forgetting this

i'm working hard on walking out
my shoes keep sticking to the ground

my clothes won't let me close the door
and these trousers seem to love your floor

i'm working on my backwards walk
there's nowhere left for me to go

except back to you just one last time
say yes, before i change my mind

you're the shit
and i'm knee-deep in it.

backwards walk
frightened rabbit

seen it 10 times before

i thought that you were the one
in darkness, my heart was won

the ubiquitous mr. lovegrove
dead can dance


a navy knot with arms at night

and now we're unrelated
and rid of all the shit we hated,
but i hate when i feel like this
and i never
hated you.

frightened rabbit


like god's shoeshine

i'm struggling to remind myself over and over
that things are different now, that i really am quite alone at the end of the day,
that the knot that held my idea of normalcy together is fraying slowly
and is bound to snap any day now.

i'm struggling even more
to convince myself that i'll be just fine