image: me

just remember
to fall in love
there's nothing else

the chemical brothers


i've been everywhere with you

image: rob ryan

man oh man,
you're my best friend
i'll scream it til there's nothing left -
there ain't nothing that i need.

edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros



universal sighs

so i lose and start over
don't blow your mind with 'why'
i'm moving out of orbit
turning in somersaults
i dive into those eyes


p.s. the king of limbs is rad. radiohead,
you are my faithful lover that never disappoints.


it won't be long

when i look at you
i don't know what i feel
once in a while
and you make me laugh

when you sleep
my bloody valentine


artichoke heart

image: lori vrba

so many allies, so many allies
so feel the love come off of them
and take me in your arms

i wanna get out
and make it work

want you to get out
and make it work

i'll be okay

atoms for peace
thom yorke


so be cool

see, things change -
i've been changing every day.

it's peaceful,
the pitch black
when the last light on
goes out
i'm stranded in my bed
so i think about

the bad luck
the bad blood
that may have come between
two good souls
that's one hell
of an offering

bad blood
bright eyes


i suppose

well i cried
and you think i'd be better for it
but the sadness just sleeps
and it stays in my spine
for the rest of my life

and i learned
and you'd think i'd be something more now
but it just goes to show
that it's not what you know
it's what you were thinking
at the time

why try
to fight what is now so certain?
the truth is that i
am a passing event
that will be forgotten.

the city has sex
bright eyes

it's always the same

image via neverwithoutlove

my heart's been on a snowday

100/0 (snowdays forever)
a sunny day in glasgow


stick like candy in your teeth

no more runnin'
says my mind
all this movement has just proved
your kisses are too fine

it's what i hoped for
it's what i hoped for

no more runnin
animal collective