it's a secret i've been keeping from you
it's a secret i've been keeping for you

midnight runner
cut copy


sweet throttle

well i'm worried
i'm always in love.

i'm always in love

i know that this song is largely a drug reference, but lately i've been thinking about people who are always in love; not high, not necessarily falling for someone, but simply constantly in love with something. they skip from one passion to the next, hopping from person to hobby to fad to ideal. is it healthy to constantly renew your love, finding it in new things, new people, and new opinions, or does it damage your integrity? do fleeting infatuations make us flighty and shallow, or do we need them in order to find what we really love?

whatever the answer,
i think i prefer to be in love -
for better or for worse,
for weeks or for a lifetime.



we could be wrong
but i'd never say
or we could be right
well i think we may
we can't run in parallel after

all i want to do
is apply these sides to make you move
tidy our angled lines
traced along your spine

magic man


a silver spoon

out they walked
in single file
and through the door
i saw you smile
but i,
i was the only one
to know

magic man


exit music (for a film)

sometimes we all
need a taste
of the season

i just want
a chance
to break even.

magic man


set the sun

i don't get the connection
this is only a test
i hope i do my best
you know
i won't forget

well i'm worried
i'm always in love

i'm always in love


our hearts beat slowly

i keep my head on tight
i make my plans at night
and i don't sleep i don't sleep i don't sleep
'til it's light
pulse flowing
someone buried alive
and if that head opens
we built a life of work
where we're chain chain chain chain
chained to the life
but that's fine
our blood is alive

wolf parade
shine a light


to tell the truth

my friends = my sanity.
thank you.

and if the sun comes up
if the sun comes up
if the sun comes up
and i still don't wanna stagger home
then it's the memory of our betters
that are keeping us on our feet

you spent the first five years trying to get with the plan
and the next five years trying to be with your friends again

you're talking 45 turns just as fast as you can
yeah, i know it gets tired, but it's better when we pretend

all my friends
lcd soundsystem



heaven is a truck
it got stuck
on the breeze

ask the driver nicely
i need a lift
i need release

heaven is a truck


relevant: now

i can't hear you
i just can't wait to be near you

nothing feels real
because nothing is really free, dear

we don't care what time it is
we're only living on a few ages

faces on fire
times new viking


i knitted them

god plagues you
when you look at me like that
i'll leave you
for a dollar
it's all i need
to get on my way
on my way home

i said i'm leaving
try to break me
lies won't break me
my heart is a carriage
and my soul is the horses-s-s-s

jam kids



your warm smile,
boundless love,
and chocolate cake
will be missed.

sleep well, knowing
you were loved -
so long for now.



i don't remember lying
i don't remember lyin'
i don't remember work
but i don't care
i care
i really don't care
did you see the drummer's hair?

cut your hair