think less but see it grow
like a ride, like a riot, oh
not easily offended
know how to let it go




sleep don't visit, so i choke on sun
and the days blur into one
and the backs of my eyes hum
with things i've never done

welcome home
radical face



the soundtrack to college:

1. for tedious work: Led Zeppelin...all of it.

2. for allnighters: Modest Mouse (This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing to Think About).

3. for humanities: Panda Bear (Person Pitch), Frightened Rabbit (Midnight Organ Fight).

4. for chemistry: Magic Man (Real Life Color), Cymbals Eat Guitars (Why There Are Mountains).

5. for friday nights: Dan Deacon.

6. for rain: The Album Leaf.

7. for sun: Beck (Guero).

8. for afternoons: Aphex Twin.

9. for textbooks: Explosions In the Sky.

10. for dreams: Sigur Rós.


live for the lows

i know where the heart is
oh, i know where the start is.

nail clinic


frosh lessons

i like the summer more than i ever realized.

plain tofu isn't my thing.

my friends and family are the best things in my life,
hands down.

i love this school, no matter how hard it screws me over,
financially, academically, and morale-wise.

sometimes even your hardest work simply does not pay off.

i love dancing.

i am allowed to mess up.

being surrounded by other cultures is the most refreshing thing on earth.

caffeine is my best friend.

caffeine is my worst enemy.

living with someone else is a joy.
that might be biased because i have the best roommate ever.

running is still my therapy.

chemistry and i have a love/hate relationship.
that relationship is never going to change.

indian food is really, really good.

letting go is an art.

i like to draw.
a lot, actually.

writing and biology are my true loves in life. still.

i really am going to be just fine
no matter what -
and pretty damn happy, too.


do as i'm told

you fool me with a kiss of kidsmoke
from a microscopic home
it's good to be alone

spiders (kidsmoke)