quite warm

clocks to splinters,
but time goes forward
and when them trees drop leaves
your feet collect their memories
i guess all us snakes
find our tails pretty damn tasty

history sticks to your feet
modest mouse


and everything is going to the beat. and everything is going to the beat. and everything is going to the beat.

skull by ken goodall

they couldn't think of something to say
the day you burst
with all their lions and all their might and all their thirst
they crowd your bedroom like some thoughts wearing thin
against the walls
against your rules
against your skin

passion pit


as candles

image by chemamdoz

love is where you find it.

i think it is foolish to go around looking for it,

and i think it can be poisonous.

i wish people who are conventionally supposed to love each other

would say to each other, when they fight,

'please - a little less love,

and a little more common decency'.

- kurt vonnegut


have you seen this film?

well, i'm pushing myself
to finish this part
i can handle a lot
but one thing i'm missing
is in your eyes

rogue wave

image: new math by craig damrauer


sihir bellydance ensemble

you get some people that smirk knowingly
and picture you as a stripper
for the rest of the time they know you.

you get some that raise their eyebrows
disapprovingly, maybe, or just uncomfortable.

you get some that burst into laughter
because they just can't picture it.

mostly, though, people
are just plain shocked.

sihir means magic;
sihir means the time of night just before dawn
when you see things that aren't there.

to me,
sihir means being a surprise.
and that's what i like best of all.



there are angels
in your angles
there's a low moon
caught in your tangles

of angels and angles
the decemberists



candy bars, metals, trophies, and stressful days
still she dreams,
dreams of 5K

different place, fast turnover has gone away
but still she dreams of 5K

the calendar was set in stone
now cracked in half
but not unknown

matt & kim


and in the daylight, i don't pick up my phone, cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home.

i miss yellow lines in my roads
some color on monochrome
maybe i'll paint them in myself
maybe i'll paint them in myself

and with just half of a sunburn
new yellow lines that i earned
step back and here comes the night time
step back and here comes the night time

matt & kim

we forget

but my head's to the wall
and i'm lonely

new slang
the shins


the wait

florence and the machine



ain't it sad, though ain't it true
there's no more space
for me and you

no space in this realm

image: austinkleon.com


math of summer

4 hours of sleep a night
9 hours of class/lab a day
5 hours of work
1 meal
4 textbooks/workbooks
4 exams
10 minutes outside

1 semester of organic chemistry, only in a matter of weeks instead =
1 ticket to pure hell

i know i'm whining.
i know it's my choice.
shutting up in 3, 2, 1.